8 Reasons why Mattress Firm BEDQuarters isn’t your typical corporate office

1. Collaborative & Ample Workspace

With 500+ employees at BEDQuarters, Mattress Firm offers over 60 meeting rooms with a variety of sizes, themes and technologies.  Some rooms are designed for small groups of two to three, while others are big enough to support 20+.

Another feature that stands out is the courtyard.  The courtyard consists of many tables where coworkers and visitors can meet or socialize.  It’s an open area with great lighting and a kitchen that offers an assortment of self-serve beverages.

2. Convenience

One of the best parts of our office is that it offers a cafeteria (with an on-site chef) with a great selection of food. We have a rotating menu with many options and it also offers regular menu items ready to order!  Did we mention FREE soft-serve ice cream? You read that right — you can partake in as much ice cream as you’d like throughout our lunch hours.

Running late to work and unable to stop by the dry cleaners? No problem! Mattress Firm has partnered with Hamper, allowing for clothing drop off and pick up right from BEDQuarters. We’re constantly looking for new partnerships and services to increase convenience for our team members who work at BEDQuarters.

3. Fun Spaces

BEDQuarters offers many unique and fun areas such as a ping pong table, nap pods, a no-technology-allowed library, a gaming area… did we mention swings? Each of these allows our employees an opportunity to step away from their desk and recharge if needed.

4. Technology

A majority of the meeting rooms at BEDQuarters are equipped with screens, webcams and built-in phones to help aid with in-person and virtual meetings. Having the right technology in place, especially to stay connected with remote team members and vendors, is essential to success at BEDQuarters.


5. Vibrant Ambience

BEDQuarters consists of a vibrant and colorful ambience, which supports our fun and inviting atmosphere. Each space and room has been creatively named and decorated — the first floor rooms revolve around Houston landmarks, sports teams and celebrities while the second floor features the mattress industry and Mattress Firm history. One feature you can’t miss while you’re here — our graffiti staircase. Designed and painted by one of Houston’s finest graffiti artists, Gonzo incorporated the city of Houston and the history of Mattress Firm to come up with our very own masterpiece in an unexpected place!

6. Free Starbucks

Mattress Firm offers FREE Starbucks and other assorted drinking options for those seeking an energy boost at our on-site coffee bar known as “Octane.”

7. Accessible

BEDQuarters is located just outside the 610 loop not far from NRG Stadium, where the Houston Texans call home. The office is also very accessible from several major highways such as HWY 90, 69, 610, 288, 45 and the Sam Houston Tollway, allowing quick access and reasonable commutes to the city and many surrounding suburbs of Houston.

8. The People

The culture that has been represented and spread throughout the walls here at BEDQuarters can be described as nothing less than intoxicating! From the moment you’re greeted by someone at the front desk in the lobby, to the small conversations that take place in the yard or at the coffee station, all the way to the special events that are held throughout the year, all of this leads up to the realization of “Wow! I get to come work here every day”. It doesn’t matter what department you’re in or when you joined, once you start working at Mattress Firm, you become a part of a family.

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