Spring Cleaning your Resume

Spring is in the air!  You’ve embraced your inner Marie Kondo and you’ve thrown away all the things that don’t bring you joy. Your home is organized enough to make even the most skeptical minimalist proud of your herculean cleaning efforts. You feel light hearted and ready to take on the world! Why not take your new-found cleaning expertise to the professional side of your life and “Spring Clean” your resume? Below we’ll dive into 7 great tips to help you refresh your resume this spring!


1.) Where to start

Much like tackling cleaning your home, you need to pick a place to start and stay in it. So why not start at the top?  The first thing on your resume should be your name and your contact details. This should be at the top of the page in the header space. Use a larger font than the rest of your resume to make it pop. Secondly, both name and contact details (phone number, address & email) should be included on all pages of the resume (if you have more than one.)

2.) Clear out the closet

“OMG, where did all these clothes come from?!?” Do not jam your resume with a ton of text. Make your resume as short and concise as possible. In this case, less is more! Just like you down-sized your closet to see all of your favorite outfits, do the same here. White space between the words, lines and paragraphs can improve the legibility of your resume.

3.) Danger! Toxic chemical warning

When cleaning big rooms, like the kitchen, you like to keep things green and use products that have simple ingredients to bring peace of mind. Think of slang and technical jargon as toxic chemicals. Slang should never be present in a professional resume. As for technical jargon, do not assume that the employer will know what you are talking about. Why? The recruiter who will read it for the first time might not have the same technical expertise and your resume needs to make it through that first round!

4.) Use some elbow grease

Much like deep cleaning that hard, baked-on stuff from last night’s dinner, you have to work a little harder in some areas. This is one of them! Remember that you are trying to sell yourself as the best candidate and obvious choice for the job. All the marketing efforts that you can put in your resume (think content, design, delivery method) will give you an advantage over the other candidates. Ex: bold the experience titles or use a creative but legible font.
     4A.)- If you’ve never had any “real” working experience, don’t worry!  Include your summer jobs or volunteer work. If you don’t have a degree yet, mention the title and the estimated date for completion if applicable. As long as those points are relevant to the job you’re applying for, it does not matter if they are official or not.

5.) Minimalist decorating

Don’t put so many knickknacks on your shelf, less is more here too! Avoid colored backgrounds, fancy script fonts or images on your resume. Remember, this isn’t a place for a professional headshot. Sure, you want them to see you. All of you. Your best dressed attire and that million-dollar smile… but outside of a modeling agency or casting call, a recruiter will not consider this a positive. Pro Tip: If you want them to see more about you, include your LinkedIn profile link in your headliner with your contact info!

6.) You missed a spot

Be sure to proofread your resume and look closely for grammatical errors. After you’ve finished your first edit, set it down for about 30 minutes and then check it again with a fresh set of eyes. Don’t just skim; take your time and go line by line. A simple typo (ex. they’re, there, their) can put your resume on a fast track to the shredder box. Consider asking a friend or mentor to look it over for you before submitting it.

7.) Laundry check

It’s best not to wait to do laundry until you’re down to your last pair of socks. Why wait to refresh your resume? As you gain more professional experience or receive awards, don’t forget to add them and your new skill sets to your resume! Pro Tip: Update your LinkedIn profile at the same time to keep it consistent!

About The Author

Crystal Lively
Crystal started with Mattress Firm on the sales floor in the Atlanta Georgia Market November 2013. She moved quickly into store management and was promoted to an Area Manager just before her 2 year anniversary. Crystal is committed to our company core values and led the way in setting up several GiveBIG and culture events for her former Market. She also assisted in starting up a regional newsletter on the Mattress Firm Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and tracking fundraising efforts for her region. Crystal accepted a promotion into the Talent Acquisition team in June of 2016. Since then she's been helping to bring top notch talent into the company and is still committed to Giving Back and supporting the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program. Accomplishment: Red Shoe Service 2015 TAR Service Award 2018 Sean Diamond Passion Award 2018 Outside Passion: Giving Back! Currently serves as a member on Special Olympics Texas bowling committee and volunteers with other local organizations.

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