How To Master A Live Hiring Event


If you’ve never been to a live hiring event, it can be a little stressful, especially if you don’t know what to expect. However, I’ve got some great news! I’m going to provide you with all the tips and tricks to make you a professional at hiring events. Every event will be a little different, but if you follow these simple steps you can make this work for any event you plan to attend as you search for a new career. 

1. Know the company

Do your research! Don’t just go in there knowing the job title and job description for the position you are interviewing for. You can find details about almost any organization on social media nowadays. Some companies even have multiple accounts, focusing on products, the employee experience or even based on geography! Take us for example, the Mattress Firm account has both a Facebook and Instagram to share more about different products, current sales, etc. Whereas our Mattress Firm Careers Facebook and Instagram accounts focus more on the employee experience. Social media is a great way to showcase the unique company culture that is offered, recognize employees across the company, provide insight into what it might be like to work for the organization, and much more! In addition, some organization will even use a specific hashtag to document company and employee ongoings… for us, that’s #mfrmlife! 

 Side note: If you’re not doing so already, you should totally follow us, @mattressfirmcareers, on Instagram and Facebook. 😉 #shamelessplug. 

2. Dress to Impress

Knowledge is great, but you also must look the partso be sure you dress to impress. Try Googling business professional attire if you’re not sure what to wear. There are so many pictures out there to show you what you could wear to a hiring event. If you can, try and lean more toward black and white or softer colors like light blue, grey and pink. Also, if you don’t normally iron your clothes, now’s the time to pull out that iron and put it to good use for your hiring event to ensure you look as sharp as possible. 

3. Bring your Resume 

This is a big one! Don’t forget to bring several physical copies of your resume (we recommend at least 3-5)as not all interviewers will have seen your resume prior to the event, even if you applied beforehand. This will help give the interviewer some tangible for them to review while you bring your resume to life during the interview. 

4. Mix and Mingle

If you get a chance to get to the hiring event early, or if you experience down time during the event, use that to your advantage! Hiring events typically last a few hours, so networking and talking to the employees that are working will give you even better insight into the company and/or position. Ask questions, get to know them, and most importantly have them get to know you. It doesn’t hurt to make a quick friend who happens to work for the company you’re about to interview for. 

5. Double check your voicemail inbox!

In most cases, the company would like to make decisions quickly and needs to be able to get in contact with you. Be sure your inbox on your voicemail isn’t full and check your emails regularlyPrefer text message? Not all employers use text messaging, but in the event they do, revise your voicemail message to communicate that preference. And if you want to really stand out, get the interviewers email address at the hiring event and send that person a thank you email within 24 hours. The majority of job seekers don’t do this, and every little detail counts, I promise!


Remember to have fun, be the best version of yourself and never forget your interview starts the moment you walk in the door, even before you’ve said a word. I hope these tips are able bring you more confidence and I wish you the best of luck at your next hiring event! 


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