International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate LeadHERs from across the Mattress Firm organization! To do so, we asked our team members to recognize LeadHERs that have made a difference in the lives of the people around them, the guests they serve and the greater organization. As you’ll see, these LeadHERs (and many others) continue to make Mattress Firm a better place to work, learn and shop. Thank you, LeadHERs!

Lucrecia Brunner – Nominated by: Aaron Canada

Daja Pope– Nominated by: Dustin Latta

Sarah Kate Hicks – Nominated by: Matthew Morgan

Jessica Burks – Nominated by: Nate Burks

Erin Baker – Nominated by: Ashly Williams

Joanna Lynch – Nominated by: Jonathan Thompson

Claire Tansley – Nominated my Marissa Fisher

Jacquelyn Gruman – Nominated by: Alexandra Soto

Katie Foster – Nominated by: Melissa Sherk

Marcella Aquirre-Garcia – Nominated by: Andreas Tsiropoulos

Marcella Aquirre-Garcia – Nominated by: Sergio Duran

Rachel Joslyn – Nominated by: Dallon Elting

Moira Cater – Nominated by: Haley Smith

Calley (Nichols) Mueller – Nominated by: Laura Crumpley

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