#EmployeeSpotlight on John McCarty

Previously working for one of Mattress Firm’s vendors, John was able to familiarize himself with the company and fell in love with the idea and direction that Mattress Firm was heading. Believing that Mattress Firm would be a great place for him to grow and excel, John decided to join the team in October 2018. Through his time here, John’s journey has been going a mile a minute. He has progressed through his role and earned an assistant management position after a short two months of starting. Since his promotion, John has worked diligently to work his way to higher volume stores and is now working out of one of Houston’s top-performing stores.  John has been enjoying his time learning and developing his skills to become the best he can be and the commitment has not gone unrecognized. To show for the amount of dedication he has put in, John was recently awarded “Rookie of the Year” in his district for his outstanding performance in 2019.

What factor(s) keep you at Mattress Firm?

I never would have imagined I’d be selling mattresses but it’s truly more than that. Every day I’m literally helping people who struggle with the need for better sleep which in turn affects so many other aspects of their life. I have always had a servant’s heart and I really am attracted to truly seeing that look on people’s faces when I’ve actually helped them solve their issues with needing better sleep. You can instantly see a sign of relief and confirmation. In addition, I love the culture at Mattress Firm, it truly feels like a family and everyone has just embraced me and been instrumental in my success thus far. Oh, and did I mention I’ve literally doubled my income from my last role? That helps too!


What do you feel have been your biggest successes at Mattress Firm?

In my short time here I have led my district in sales volume for several consecutive months; my goal is to be a Million Dollar Writer and so far I am ahead of pace! I have used many of the sales habits from my prior line of work here with building referral relationships in my community, which has truly paid off.


What has been your biggest challenge(s)? How did you overcome it?

My biggest challenges have been learning and retaining a great deal of information quickly and needing to articulate it as soon as the next day to an actual guest/customer in store. I overcame it by just studying the specifications and reading the bed details on the BEDPost (our internal website). The University of Mattress Firm, our training platform, is also very informative in preparing you on how to explain products and offers.


What advice would you give to a Mattress Firm new hire?

Identify from day one what you want out of this opportunity. Set some measurable goals for yourself, write them down and look at them daily. Treat this opportunity as a business. Think outside the box and don’t just sit and wait on the door to swing open with guests but instead identify what you could do to increase your value.


What do you enjoy most about working for Mattress Firm?

Helping people solve a serious need and or problem in their life. I like to feel that what I’m doing is actually making an impact on people’s lives and I am doing that daily.


Please provide us with a short, specific story of how you have lived out our Purpose and improved the life of a guest(s), co-worker, vendor partner, etc..

I can recall one guest in particular who has purchased a few of the top brands out there and was at their limit with “trying new mattresses” and I was quickly able to troubleshoot their concerns and needs and recommend a great mattress for them. They have since returned to me to let me know for the first time in over five years they both have been sleeping through the entire night, waking up restored… and they even referred their daughter plus a neighbor to me. They said of all the mattress purchasing they’ve done over the years, working with me was by far the best experience.


Congratulations, John, on your recent award in 2019 — here’s to another in 2020!

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