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A great marketing plan can often be challenged by its budget, or lack thereof. The challenge is doing more with less – it’s something every marketer is constantly thinking about and is often an obstacle when deciding on investments and expenditures.

If this challenge sounds all too familiar to you, read on. Christy Sherrick, Mattress Firm’s Vice President of Marketing, recently tackled this topic during a panel titled, “Getting the Most out of your Marketing Budget” at the CMO Clubhouse at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference & Festival. The CMO Club is comprised of the world’s most engaged and inspired marketing leadership community of senior marketing executives. Each year, the Club makes an appearance at SXSW to help build relationships with peers and gain marketing industry insights.

During this year’s panel, Sherrick was among other top marketing executives to give her take on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing marketers in 2019 – from the use of first-party customer data to challenging industry disruptors.

When asked what the biggest marketing budget challenge Mattress Firm has had to face, Sherrick explained a creative way her team stretched their budget. 

“One of the challenges that we are really proud to have tackled as a team is finding more cost-effective ways to create content,” said Sherrick. “While we still have high value production, we also created an in-house content studio at our BEDQuarters so we can shoot and capture content we need quickly. It’s evergreen footage that we can slice and dice to tell various stories. It also allows us to capture real-time assets in house and respond at the speed of consumers in today’s digital landscape.”

Sherrick also shared an example of how great marketing budget investments can turn in to extremely successful campaigns. One example of this is the overwhelming success of Mattress Firm’s free adjustable base promotion. “We had identified this a marketing initiative and it really resonated with our customers. It was something so simple that we threw out there as a digital execution and it just took off,” said Sherrick. “Our free adjustable bases have transformed the industry, setting a new standard that every other company tries to meet but they don’t have the scale to execute.” The key thing that Sherrick stressed when it comes to getting the most out of a marketing budget, is that it pays to think differently. “The moral of the story is to think outside the box and be creative about how to bring your vision to life without breaking the bank,” said Sherrick.

About Christy Sherrick:

Christy Sherrick is Mattress Firm’s Vice President of Marketing. She joined the company in February 2017, bringing with her experience stewarding omni-channel efforts for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike across retail, e-commerce and franchise business models. Sherrick graduated from the University of North Carolina – School of the Arts and now resides in Houston, TX.

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