The Best Yes

Do you ever feel like you are stretched too thin and just can’t seem to get a break? Well, I’ll be honest, that’s how I feel sometimes. We can easily overwhelm our schedules with obligations because we have a proclivity to please and be liked.  Our “overwhelmed schedules” will often lead to “underwhelmed souls” that miss out on what life has in store for us. In other words, we fill up our days with obligations from all the “yeses” we give, and we don’t leave room for the “best yes.”

When making decisions and committing to obligations, I now make an effort to pause before quickly responding and later regretting that I’ve added too much to my plate. Sure, I love volunteering, taking on the newest challenging task at work and even baking yummy treats for my neighbors but what is the “best yes” right now? I recently read The Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst, and this quote stuck out to me: “Saying yes all the time won’t make me Wonder Woman. It will make me worn out woman.”

I struggle with saying no because I hate to disappoint or feel like someone who can’t handle the extra tasks, particularly at work, but picking the “best yes” option doesn’t mean you are disappointing. It does mean you are deciding to say a small “no” that will allow you to be the best at the obligations you have already said “yes” to. I have noticed that people will be amazed by your ability to respect yourself and your time by having that courage to make a small “no” decision.

Whether you are receiving extra assignments at work asking more of you, your family wants you to host that annual gathering, your friends want to go to happy hour, your significant other needs you to run an errand and you still need to handle your own… take a minute to pause and figure out what is the “best yes” right now. Which of those task or tasks can you take on without feeling like a “worn out woman” (or man)? In other words, what task(s) can you have the courage to make a small “no” decision on to make room for your “best yes”… and ultimately your best self!

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