Networking: IT WORKS!

Many people are unsure of how to network with companies and unfamiliar with how to immerse themselves into a career change or new company. The truth is, it can be nerve-racking if you don’t have a plan. In true Mattress Firm fashion, I created an acronym for networking and I.T. W.O.R.K.S.!

Impression: Build your brand and be yourself. Before you attend an important social event, make sure you prepare yourself mentally and physically with confidence and a great outfit. Looking good and feeling good is a must!

Talk: Balance the conversation and keep it fun. Practice by meeting one new person a week to build confidence and practice sparking conversations.

Wonder: Listen and ask questions. People LOVE talking about themselves so the best way to get to know someone is to ask simple questions about them that could lead to interesting facts!

Opportunity: Recognize it and go for it! Don’t let fear stop you from talking to that important person. If you see the opportunity, seize it!

Research: A little goes a long way! Be in tune with the world around you. News, weather and sports are always an easy go-to when it comes to sparking conversation.

Knowledge: The more you know, the more connections you will make. When you are looking to give a great impression, you can build value in yourself by relating to them and sharing your knowledge or perspective. Feed your mind with value by reading books, articles or blogs! (insert shameless plug here for the Mattress Firm Careers Blog and The Daily Doze).

Stay Connected: Stay dialed in and follow up to important conversations. You never know when you will need to tap into your contacts, so keep them fresh and ending with a positive impression!

90% of successful leaders spend an hour a week working on their network. Whether it’s meeting for coffee, saying hello or sharing an article, it’s beneficial to connect with those around you… IT WORKS!

About The Author

Ashley Phillips
I am a Texas girl, born and raised in Houston, Texas. Family and music are my hobbies. After spending my college years studying music and broadcasting/communications, I joined Mattress Firm in a sales position for nearly two years and transitioned to the recruiting side of the business in what has now turned into eight years of recruiting and interviewing all across the nation!

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